Split testing

Why you need to be split testing

What is Split testing

Split testing or A to B testing is the process of developing two versions of an aspect of your site, such as a call to action button, links, or other user action on your site and splitting the traffic between them to see how each performs.

This is a simplified explanation of what Split testing is but, it is one of the most important things every web designer needs to be doing.

Let me explain. When a Client hires a Web Designer they are not just wanting a web site designed, they want a web site that performs well. This is where Split testing comes into play. Testing the UI on a web site can ensure that you are providing the best possible product to your client.

There are a great many Split testing tools online and most of them perform well, even the free ones. The tool I prefer to use is called Optimizely, Who offer a free version of their tool, however I have made great use of the custom report feature that the paid version uses.

This tool has provided me with the information that I need to make my clients sites a great deal better. I know what works and what does not. My Clients are happy and so are their clients.

Without Split testing I would be in a far worse position, not knowing what visitors to my site are using and not using or why!

I know from experience that there are still a great deal of Web Designers out there that are still not using these tools and although their sites are beautiful and well constructed they still may not perform to their full potential.

The idea if Split testing is a sound business move, and we should all take advantages of the services available.