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New theme and logo

Welcome to the new look Blog theme for Glyn Hiscock Design. This is still a work in progress and more improvements are on the way, We also have our new logo design so any feedback that you have on that would be great.

We are also planning on creating and selling some premium WordPress themes both on this site and on Theme forest in the near future so if you have any ideas as to what you would like to see please leave a comment or email me at My Email address and I will do my best to accommodate, or you can contact us through our website glyn hiscock design. I am currently redesigning the website for our main site as well and will post updates as to our progress on that front too so keep coming back for news on our upcoming products as new items will be added to our services when we launch the new site.

Any comments you have on this theme and any issues that you may come across would also be appreciated as we are still ironing out the kinks and we are aware that there are still issues, we just don’t want to miss anything. I would just like to note as well that we are working on the responsive aspect of the site and know that it breaks on certain screen sizes, this will be the first issue that we will be addressing, but we also have clients to work with so this will not be a fast resolve, but we will try to be as fast as we can.

I also want to write some more articles for this blog and will be publishing them as soon as they are written so lots to do.

As always thank you for joining us at Glyn Hiscock Design and we hope to see you again soon.

Glyn Hiscock Design Logo and theme