What is more important? Design or RWD

Design or RWD?

I am a web designer who has in the last few months ventured into the world of the developer. I have found it interesting and challenging all at the same time.

One of the major subjects that I have struggled with, and I would be interested to find out if any other designers out there have had the same problem, Is at what point do we sacrifice design for responsiveness.

At a certain level systems have been put in place to cope with smaller screen sizes such as Google’s material design or bootstrap. however I have found that Sites start to bleed into one, even on sites that truly talented designers are working on.

So i pose the question. Where do we draw the line?

The internet started as a way for academics to share information. no design was needed or used. but since then nearly the whole world is online. We should be taking this into consideration when designing sites. it would seem to me that design has been sacrificed due to a great many designers migrating from designing to developing. which is leaving the design of sites as an after thought. i know this may be a controversial position to take, and there are probably a great many people out there that would disagree with me. I truly hope that they are right and this run of plain designs that I have been seeing that are making all new sites look alike, are simply a fad, a run of fashion.

I would like to see designers, myself included, step up to the mark and start producing sites that retain design principles rather than simply disregarding them for the sake of a responsive web site, instead of selling their souls to the devil of RWD.