content is king

Content is King

Why design should be created around content


We have all seen them, web sites so crammed full of images that there is no room for copy, let alone any whitespace or true design. Just image after image, batted up against each other covering the entire page. I personally hate this, even for those whose whole product centers around the Graphic, it shows no artistry or design. Any text of these sites seem to of been added as an after thought.

Now, I want to say right now that this article is not about naming and shaming anyone. But to give you my reasons why I think content and its quality should guide our designs not how much of it we can fit on a page.

I am a firm follower of the belief that typography should be a major aspect of design, but that should take second place to the quality of that copy.

If you are putting an image onto a page it should have relevance to the rest of the content, not “just look cool”, and what you have written on your site should interest at least some of your visitors.

So this is my solution. Content should come first. Create your text, link it to your graphics and make it great, then build the site around that, let it inform your decisions. Even if you are designing for a client, surely they want their product to shine over your design choices, and what they have to say to be heard over the chatter about what the design looks like.

Get this right and you can have a great, relevant design surrounding even greater content.

Your on-page SEO would benefit, your visitors will benefit by not having to trudge through irrelevant images and flashy animations that have nothing to do with the content and what that site is trying to say.

As a designer I have to admit, that I have been caught up with what a site “Looks like” and not what I was actually creating, and the true intention of the site silently slips away. But over the past few months I have fallen in love with typography again, and I am finding that it is the single most important piece of content in my arsenal. I spend a great deal of time with my clients, discussing what should be written on a site and how it should be portrayed. More and more designers are coming around to this way of thinking. A fact that I am very proud to count myself a part of.

I think that the advent of new technologies, both in coding and in material gadgets, bring out the worst in designers and developers alike. We compete to create that next site that breaks the mold, and simply forget that our goal should be to display our clients products and ideas in the most effective way possible.