Copyright law

Web Design and the Law

Copyright in Web Design

in a previous incarnation i was a qualified Legal Secretary in the UK legal system, before changing career into Graphic and web design. One thing I have noticed since changing over is the near total lack of education available on the legal matters that revolve around web and graphic design. Yes, many designers use contract agreements when dealing with clients and should know enough what is contained within to explain to their clients what they are signing.


Rubber Bands

Rubber band ribbon set


A set of rubber band style ribbons for use on an eCommerce sites or Charity sites.


Split testing

Why you need to be split testing

What is Split testing

Split testing or A to B testing is the process of developing two versions of an aspect of your site, such as a call to action button, links, or other user action on your site and splitting the traffic between them to see how each performs.

This is a simplified explanation of what Split testing is but, it is one of the most important things every web designer needs to be doing.


World Currency

Flat Design World Currency Icons

Flat Designed World Currency Icons

Designed In Adobe Illustrator CC 2014.

Easily Edited and vector designed for rescaling.


Free download

Free PSD UI-kit to download

Here is a simple free UI-kit that we have designed for you to download and use in any of your projects.