What is more important? Design or RWD

Design or RWD?

I am a web designer who has in the last few months ventured into the world of the developer. I have found it interesting and challenging all at the same time.

One of the major subjects that I have struggled with, and I would be interested to find out if any other designers out there have had the same problem, Is at what point do we sacrifice design for responsiveness.

At a certain level systems have been put in place to cope with smaller screen sizes such as Google’s material design or bootstrap. however I have found that Sites start to bleed into one, even on sites that truly talented designers are working on.


content is king

Content is King

Why design should be created around content


We have all seen them, web sites so crammed full of images that there is no room for copy, let alone any whitespace or true design. Just image after image, batted up against each other covering the entire page. I personally hate this, even for those whose whole product centers around the Graphic, it shows no artistry or design. Any text of these sites seem to of been added as an after thought.

Now, I want to say right now that this article is not about naming and shaming anyone. But to give you my reasons why I think content and its quality should guide our designs not how much of it we can fit on a page.


Style guides

Style guides – Is there a need for them?

Why we still need style guides

I am a web designer with an interest in front-end development, so I have used Style guides on both sides of the coin.

What I found was that if the designer created and maintained the style guide then it is less then useless to the developers and visa versa if the styleguide is maintained by the developer.

Style guides tend to become obsolete very quickly, and cumbersome to maintain. This inevitably adds to the tension that already exists between designer and developer.

This does not have to be the case. Even though I do not like using style guides as a rule I understand the relevance they have to both clients and to a consistent project. So I set out to find a solution.


Block letters

Typography in design

Typography has long been at the heart of design. From Graphic Novels to the literary brilliance of the greats such Charles Dickens.

However in a modern setting this tradition needs to be translated onto websites and digital media. I have found whilst working with my clients that this is often times an aspect of their design that they overlook or simply do not care about. But the opposite should be true, when you consider that even google holds written content in regard when deciding on search rankings. Content is king, and the look of that content must take precedent over flashy graphics and images.



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